President's Column - Summer 2017

Meet our new Board of Directors President, Jeff Babbin.


When this issue of the Shofar goes to print, I will have just begun my term as the new TBT President. I am writing this column following the beautiful Board Induction Ceremony held at the June 16th Shabbat service. The service reminded me of what I love about TBT and why I have chosen to serve on the Board of Directors.

There are of course our wonderful clergy, Rabbi Offner and Cantor Margolius, who are starting their sixth and fifth years at TBT, respectively, and have infused TBT with their warmth, spirituality, and expertise. There is our intimate sanctuary, which emphasizes our congregation, with little distance between the clergy and the community of worshippers. There is our Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and energy to make TBT a thriving institution for Shoreline Jews to worship, learn, socialize, and celebrate life's milestones. There is our congregation, who bring TBT to life and whose commitment to our synagogue has been the reason why TBT has flourished as a communal venture for 40 years - and why it will do so for 40 more years and beyond.

We saw all of these same components come together at our recent 40th anniversary gala, attended by 200 congregants, and the 40th anniversary Shabbat service the previous night. One of the most moving parts of the Saturday night gala was the candle-lighting ceremony, with each successive generation of congregants collectively lighting a candle. I am in awe of the commitment of the founding members to create a shoreline synagogue, and we are fortunate that so many still belong to TBT. I am equally thrilled by the young families who came to the gala and are the new generation of TBT members.

I am looking forward to working with the clergy, the Board, TBT's office staff, and you - the TBT congregation - as we embark together on the next phase of our journey together.

- Jeff Babbin