President's Column - April 2017

As this issue of the Shofar reaches you, we have just completed the Book of Exodus in our Torah cycle and are starting the first parsha of Leviticus, Vayikra, meaning "And G-d called." As the Rabbi and Cantor can tell you, it seems as if every chapter in the Book of Leviticus starts with "And G-d spoke to Moses..." Indeed, there is a lot of speaking in Leviticus. In order to successfully forge and maintain a thriving community, there has to be a lot of talking.

I would like to thank all of you who came out to our Congregational Conversation to come talk with us about your vision of TBT. We learned so much about what TBT means to you, why you are here, and what your hopes and dreams are for the future. Our Mission-Vision committee is putting together the learnings from these conversations with the results of our Congregational Mission Survey, and over the next few weeks will be drafting a new Mission Statement for TBT, which, once approved by the Board, will be shared with the congregation at our annual meeting in May.

At our Conversation we also heard your ideas and opinions about our building, and how you think it should evolve to meet our needs in the coming generation. Preliminary work by our Building Committee has identified several key areas to focus our attention, and many of these same ideas were echoed by you at the Conversation. More importantly, you also gave us some additional points to consider in our planning. And most importantly, we are still at the beginning of this process; your continued input is not only welcomed it is essential.

As I said, to maintain a healthy community, there has to be a lot of talking. And even more listening. We are definitely listening to your thoughts, ideas, and opinions, as we continuously strive to grow together. I hope you will continue to be active and engaged, not only with your ideas, but also with your participation.

Stu Weinzimer