President's Column - May 2017

Well, we’ve been talking about it long enough, but now it’s here, finally. Spring? Yes, that too, but I’m referring to our big 40th anniversary bash. A chance to pause from all our hard work in our "day jobs" and our hard work here at TBT, to just enjoy each other’s company. Catch up with old friends, make new friends, remind ourselves of one of the most important aspects of TBT - a place to just be together.

There will be many moments at the anniversary party to reflect on our origins as a community and our future, but I would just like to use this space to thank some people who were so critical in making this moment happen. First of all, our Programming Chair, Gary Damiano, who oversaw all of the event planning, from the food, to the flow, to the decorations. Also big Todah Rabbah to Suzy Frisch, Shaun Glazier, Jill Lesage, Judy Merriam, Bonnie Stoddard, all our silent auction contributors, and of course, Kim Romine and Bonnie Mahon, who as usual handle it all with grace and a smile.

I hope to see you ALL that weekend, leading off with our special Shabbat service that Friday, and then Saturday too. And if that wasn’t enough, I hope that you will ALSO join us Sunday, May 7th, at 9:30 AM, for our annual congregational meeting, during which time we will review important TBT business such as approving our budget, electing our next Board of Directors, and honoring our Kavod Award and Friesner scholarship recipients. We will, of course, have food (after all, it is a Jewish event), and if you would love to hear live Jewish music, stay for Tefilah afterwards and join our religious school students in some spirited prayer.

- Stu Weinzimer