Rabbi's Column - October 2016

October 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

Finally! The New Year is upon us. If it seems like forever since last New Year...this time...You are right. Yes, technically they fall at the same time every year, but this last year was a leap year and we inserted an entire extra month into the year. So it has been 13 months rather than 12.

Did you know that the Jewish calendar is the only calendar in the world that is both solar and lunar? The Christian calendar is solar and the Muslim calendar is lunar. The Jewish calendar revolves around the cycles of the moon, but we do make seasonal corrections according to the sun - assuring us that while Rosh HaShanah can come as early as the beginning of September or as late, like this year, as October - you can rest assured that our New Year will always be a Fall holiday.

There is so much to consider this Fall as we turn from the Jewish year of 5776 to 5777. Our music will be transportive; we are so grateful for Cantor Margolius and all he does with his heart, his soul, and his vocal cords.

The sounds of the shofar, the sounds of the choir, the sounds of your chairs shuffling on the floor, all bring a tinge of excitement to the crisp Autumn air.

I am delighted to share these sermons with you:
Erev Rosh HaShanah: "Commanded to Hope"
Rosh HaShanah Morning: "The Art of Civility"
Kol Nidre: "The Sin of Certainty"
Yom Kippur Morning: "Opening Doors"

Our holidays would not be possible without the extraordinary behind-the-scenes work of our
Administrator, Kim Romine and our Administrative Assistant, Bonnie Mahon. They help to make this new year sweet.

L’Shana Tova Tikateivu,

May you and your loved ones be written in the Book of Life for good health, much happiness, and a good year ahead,

Rabbi Stacy K. Offner