Ready2Go Program: 2-Year-Olds and their Adult

Our Ready2Go program serves as a readiness program for the 2-year-old child in preparation for preschool.

Our morning schedule provides opportunities for socializing, playing, art, stories, songs, snack, and outdoor play. The 2-year-old learns about sharing, taking turns, listening, and following directions. They build their social skills, language skills, and small and large motor skills through free play and directed activities. Through practice and repetition, the 2-year-old also learns how to follow a routine.

Ready2Go meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 AM -11:00 AM.

Families have the option of enrolling in the program for either both Tuesday and Thursday classes or for one day a week - Tuesday or Thursday class.

The adults are involved in group discussions led by a facilitator. Topics cover areas of child development, raising children, parent life and family life. The discussions are used to help support adults in their parenting journey and to encourage networking with one another.