TBT TBTNS Pre-K (older 4 year olds) Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten class meets Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM -12:30 PM. Children get individual attention and thrive in our small group environment.

The Pre-K offers the older four-year-old opportunities to prepare for kindergarten in all developmental areas including literacy-based and math-based activities. Writing skills, science experiments, beginning reading are all offered in a hands-on curriculum. Children are active participants in their learning. Because of their natural curiosity, teachers encourage questions that lead children to exciting discoveries. Authentic experiences are woven into the classroom, helping students to see the connections between what they are learning in school and all other areas of their lives. Fostering critical thinking skills, as well as a genuine enthusiasm for learning and trying new things, is the essence of our Pre-K program. Students go on the kindergarten with self-confidence and a great sense of self, ready to start the next chapter of school!