Torah Study Calendar

Torah Study takes place most Saturday mornings at 9 AM in the TBT Library. The discussions are led by Rabbi Offner and Cantor Stanton. All are welcome to join this interactive Shabbat morning experience. Click here to download a printable calendar for 5779 (2018- 2019).

You can find English translations of all Torah portions here.

Torah Study August 6, 2017

Torah Study August 6, 2017

Torah Study Readings for 5779 (2018 - 2019)
Triennial Cycle Year 3

Torah Study every Saturday morning at 9 AM.
June Portions are the end of the Book of Leviticus
and the beginning of the Book of Numbers:

Study Text: (Click portion for text)
June 1: B'chukotai Leviticus 27:1-27:34
June 8: B'midbar Numbers 3:14-4:20
June 15: Naso Numbers 7:1-7:89
June 22: B'haalot'cha Numbers 10:35-12:16
June 29: Sh'lach L'cha Numbers 15:8-15:41