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Jewish Experience on Film - A Borrowed Identity

We hope you’ll join us this year for our Wednesday night screenings of four extraordinary Jewish-themed films, three dramas and one documentary from innovative filmmakers in Israel, Poland, Canada, and the U.S. Please note the return to our traditional Wednesday might meeting time - and, as always, feel free to bring a movie snack to share! We look forward to seeing you all in January!    -Ken and Martha Gamerman

A BORROWED IDENTITY 7:00 pm-Wednesday, January 6

Eran Riklis’ 2015 adaptation of two autobiographical novels by the Arab-Israeli author Sayed Kashua examines the struggle of Palestinians to live and prosper within Israeli society. When a young Palestinian boy is given opportunities usually reserved only for Israelis, he undergoes a profound crisis of identity and faith. Explores the complex interrelated identities of Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. In Hebrew and Arabic with English sub-titles.

104 Minutes

Earlier Event: October 16
October 16 (7:15)